Elemist LARP

A Live Action Role Playing Game Based in Connecticut U.S.A.

Elemist is a World of magic and mystery. Long ago the Ancients Ruled the lands and harnessed the magics of the Elements, but in time they faded taking with them the secrets of the magi-tech gates and constructs. Hundreds of years have passed, and new species have taken rise in the many lands over the past several generations. Within the last three generations, ancient magics of the land have started to reawaken. A new pantheon has taken root throughout the world. Avatars and Oracles began predicting an era of change and convergence. Magi-tech gates have begun reactivating, and opening passages between the continents. In this time of change and new beginnings many have chosen to travel and explore. Will you too choose to travel through the gates into the unknown?

Notice: We ask all event attendees to please be safe and be vaccinated for COVID-19.

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Who can play

  • Player Groups 18+
  • Individual Players 18+
  • Minors 14+ with Chaperone
  • Anyone 18+ wishing to NPC
Elemist LARP is a non-discriminatory event and welcomes all minority and LGBTQIA2S+ communities

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