About Elemist

Elemist LARP Proudly invites you to join us in the Fantasy World of Elmeria. We are a Lightest Touch style Boffer LARP utilizing the Accelerant Core Rules System. We aim to provide a unique  “Slice of Life” style experience in a world of Fantasy, Magic, and Long Lost Technologies. Our game is set on a world quite unlike our own. The technologies present show many similarities to the Iron Age however, have become divergent including some steampunk and even paramilitary points. In general our game costuming and feel are that from the Baroque period combined with some Victorian flair. We invite you to explore our fantasy and hope you join us through the gate of our imagination. 

As always, Elemist LARP is inclusive to all players of all origins and ethnicities. We welcome all communities and are open and accepting of all minorities and LGBTQIA2S+ members. Elemist LARP has a ZERO tolerance policy for harassment and discrimination. We do not allow hate at any of our events and will turn away any known members of hate groups or known terrorist organizations.  Elemist LARP holds the right to refuse registration and access to our events to anyone that does not comply with our community standards. 

Crafting Focused

Our world takes great emphasis on crafting and the knowledge of arts and sciences! We include many crafts such as the arts of blacksmithing, gem crafting, and scroll making just to name a few. Come explore, and see what your character can provide as we strive to learn the magicks of our world!

Team Oriented

During the exploration of our world and all the wonders within it, there will ultimately be many points of discovery, diplomacy, and strife. These moments produce the need for team work. Whether talking the Elven Counsel down from war, meeting with the Crafters Guild to discuss the next big support effort, or simply organizing the dwarves on a mining expedition we need teams to fulfill our duties!

Every Player Matters

Here at Elemist LARP we value every player! We take great strides to include character interactions in everything we do. Roleplay moments are carefully crafted taking those involved into account. We use a combination of character backstories and in game interactions to meld our world into a character driven story for all!

Our World Elmeria

Long ago the world of Elmeria was populated by a mysterious ancient people who harnessed the magicks of the Elements to power their Clockwork Cities. Little is know about their time and technology, most of which ceased to function when they vanished. Their disappearance caused a great cataclysm that was felt even in the heavens. 

Many years later, new species began to take root across the World, adapting to their unique environments and establishing new infrastructure. Science and technology have begun to return with many of these civilizations pushing the limits of knowledge on engineering and the arcane. New attempts are being made to meld the magicks of the world that are once again being discovered into every day life.  Many clues are left to be found on the origins of these new peoples, their civilizations,  and the depths of their individual additions to the arts. This leaves much of history unwritten and ready to uncover.

Recently stronger waves of magic have begun resonating from the planet’s surface, causing outbreaks of rogue elemental creatures. Amidst this chaos, pieces of long lost technology have begun to spontaneously activate. Older Cogs found in ruins reactivating with no memory of their past lives. Flickering Gates briefly connecting continents from afar. A new Pantheon is taking rise as Avatars begin appearing more than ever before in written history.  

A time of convergence has arrived. Are the old magicks returning? Is this World headed towards another disaster brought on by the same studies that foiled the ancients? Do you choose to find the answers? Join us and  travel through the gates into the Unknown as we open the portal to Elmeria!


If your question isn’t answered here, feel free to contact us.
What is LARP? LARP is an Acronym for: Live Action Role Play Definitions from Oxford Languages LARP noun A type of interactive role-playing game in which the participants portray characters through physical action, often in costume and with props. "the genre we have chosen for our LARP is fantasy, also known as swords and sorcery" LARP is activity in which you may become a character within a Fictional setting to play out stories and experiences. LARP is sometimes referred to as a hybrid of Fantasy Gaming and Improvisational Theater. Game Staff and Non-Player Characters (NPC’s) present plots and challenges for the Player Characters to engage in, which in turn create those character’s stories and history of the World.
The short answer is no. Although Elemist is a boffer combat LARP, our game is designed to be friendly for low combat and non-combat players. There are several in game actions and mechanics set up for players to experience the world and roleplay that do not innately require combat. That being said, your character’s actions within the environment influence outcomes and may result in consequences. For example: A character choosing to enter a spider infested mine will more often than not result in a combat encounter with the spiders.
LARP is a very unique experience, somewhat akin to summer camp. Our one day events do not require much, mainly costuming, change of clothes, and water/snacks. For full events you will need to bring the essentials for a weekend stay at camp. Enough clothing and costuming for 2 nights and 2 days in game. You will also need basic toiletries, bedding, and a supply of water/snacks. Of course, we cannot cover everything in a simple FAQ so please feel free to contact us with questions! The first step in packing is determining if you are going to attend as a Player or an NPC. Players: If you are attending the event as a player you will need to pack or wear your character’s costuming and any other character specific items. This includes Boffer Weapons, Spell Packets, Makeup, ect. NPC’s: If you are attending the event as an NPC you will need to pack or wear generic dark colored clothing. Most monster costuming is represented by tabards or vests that are provided by monster camp. If you have your own boffer weapons you are encouraged to bring them as well. Generic monster weapons will be provided by monster camp.
When you first arrive on site you will need to “Check-In” at the Registration Table. This is where you will sign the waiver sheet, get weapons checked, collect your “In Game Items” bag, confirm or decline meals, and if NPCing indicate CP Exchanges. If you arrive late to the game after the Registration Table has been closed, report to Monster Camp to Check In. For our One Day Events Opening Ceremonies will be Held at 11:30am with “Game On” beginning around noon with the “Game On!” call announced by a moderator.
Most Accelerant games have a “Bring Your Own” policy for meals and snacks. We do not allow Consumption of Alcohol during our events. If you choose to bring your own food or drinks, please recycle or dispose of any containers and wrappers in the appropriate receptacles. For our Elemist Origins One Day Events we will be providing lunch at no added cost.
Elemist LARP currently has a recommended age limitation of 18+. Exceptions to this will be made on a per case basis and will require a parent or designated legal guardian also be present at the event. Due to the nature of our game any chaperone attending must also be a player or NPC to the game.

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