Market Day at the Erland Bazar in Aisha

A time of Convergence has arrived. The Avatars of the World have been granted limited access to something known as “The Ritual of Welcoming”. It allows them to Empower a Gate, to keep it open for 6 hours, and to allow anyone from around the world to travel to their land. Many lands have chosen to take this opportunity to host celebrations, and meet new Cultures. Aisha is the most diversely populated continent serving as homeland to the Dwarves, Goblins, Orcs, and Neelam. The Central Goblin Village is called Erland, which serves as the primary trade hub for most of the continent. Aisha’s Welcoming Celebration will be hosted as a Market Day at the Erland Bazar.
Please only attend this event if you are vaccinated for COVID-19. We want to keep all of our staff and attendees safe and will be following all state and federal guidelines.
This event will take place at Wickham Park in Manchester CT on October 17th 2021.
We ask all players to bring any costuming/makeup and LARP weapons required for in character events. NPC costuming and weapons will be provided.
NOTE: We do not allow LARP Arrows of any kind and ask that any bows that could appear as a real weapon be left at home. We also ask that NERF style dart guns and any item that launches projectiles be left at home.
Event cost: $40.00 – Lunch will be provided – Parking Fee is included in Reg cost
Event time: 11:00 a.m. till Dusk

Stay Tuned for Updates – We are currently planning to hold this event as normal while also keeping a close eye on the current COVID situation.

For Parking, when you arrive at Wickham Park inform the Gate Ranger that you are attending the Elemist LARP event at the Pines Pavilion and your parking fee is covered.

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